“Enter your inner self in order to see the life you desire.”

–Aniekee Tochukwu

Why knowing yourself is not your first priority?

We are most terrified of visiting our own self. So, many of us go through each day events, reacting and focusing on everything else, but to take a conscious inward journey by delving much deeper. Even if we do, our quest for soul searching is surprisingly a booby-trapped pursuit. I believe that a sincere deep inner journey can possibly swing the hard ground underneath, but it can also open up whole new revelation of our submerged potentials. Why not? In fact, we are born to make manifestation of the splendour of our deepest light that is within us. Our personality is reflection of our inner self. We are meant to shine in this world. It is our life force that makes us find reasons to get up in the morning for doing something meaningful! 


Self — The Inward Journey

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This is who I am…!

The merit of originality is not novelty; it is sincerity.

-Thomas Carlyle


 Life will never be perfect, no matter how hard we try.

Yes,we know it well. 

Yet, why we feel so miserable most of the time…!

May be because we all the time want to please someone or everyone...We want to be everything to everyone. We all the time want to meet other people’s expectations.Unfortunately, such expectations unconsciously take on a life of their own.

We are swayed by the channels of possibilities…because this is what everyone is expecting from us.We maneuver hard to get qualified in the eyes of others. We are obsessed to seek approvals. Our search is for acknowledgments. All what we do is for others. Today we are chasing a world which is literally edging-out our true self. Ironically, our so called projected front is full of synthetic content. It is a never ending rat-race of living up to what we think other people expect from us. Such enslavement to other’s endorsement thwarts the full expression of the real self from being out in open. Moreover, our very decision to continuously oblige their expectations reinforces them to force-fit us in their mould. We are not a label on a billboard. So stop trying so much. There are most definitely many out there who do not like YOU or what you DO.

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