The (Un) Qualified Leader

Last week at a tranquil suburb hotel in Pune, I was addressing a group of professionals on incubating culture of Organization Building and sharply accentuating on the decisive role of a CEO. The focus was on “Why many large enterprises are impressively effective at managing growth and functional complexities, but actually quite compromised at building a process driven decision making future organisation”.

Abruptly, one back-bencher agitatedly delivered a long monologue (I scantily remember few lines even now), “Sir, who should be accountable first… Everyday internal and external demands are multiplying… What to do when leaders make pitiable decisions, estrange worthy people, pamper sycophants, and close their eyes to noticeable opportunities and development plans…Why leaders do not learn from failures…Why there are cracks between how such leaders see themselves and how others see them.…?”

While listening to his expressive eruption, although my gaze was fixed outside through frame on the horizon at murky haze of rain spread, a sketchy image of this blog emerged in my mind at that very moment…

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