Self-Aggrandizers: Wake-Up!

“Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.” 
– Chogyam Trungpa

The corporate corridors are chockfull of Self-aggrandizers.

The self-absorbed professionals, menacingly proclaiming their own exaggerated importance, power, or reputation. They evaluate their prominence by the immensity and pull of their fiefdom. Their ego surreptitiously entraps them tightly. Even brilliant professionals, unknowingly reach to a stage where they stop listening to any inputs. They strongly and only believe in their own views.They severely suffer from a ghoulish “I-Me-Mine” syndrome.

The unappealing manifested symptoms of such distorted tendencies are so obvious and all around at our work places. Today, it is almost like an epidemic. The only branded method of decreeing our dominance over others. At times, it is masked and tacitly refined. In certain cases, the magnified individuality, also genuinely drive them crazy so as to show off their supremacy to others. When professionals are so obsessed with their own gainful projections, they are likely to misplace their focus on expected role commitments.

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“Enter your inner self in order to see the life you desire.”

–Aniekee Tochukwu

Why knowing yourself is not your first priority?

We are most terrified of visiting our own self. So, many of us go through each day events, reacting and focusing on everything else, but to take a conscious inward journey by delving much deeper. Even if we do, our quest for soul searching is surprisingly a booby-trapped pursuit. I believe that a sincere deep inner journey can possibly swing the hard ground underneath, but it can also open up whole new revelation of our submerged potentials. Why not? In fact, we are born to make manifestation of the splendour of our deepest light that is within us. Our personality is reflection of our inner self. We are meant to shine in this world. It is our life force that makes us find reasons to get up in the morning for doing something meaningful! 


Self — The Inward Journey

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Professional Jealousy: Why you are Green under the veil!

Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.

Fulton J. Sheen

In last 30 years of stirring professional experience, two obliquely interlaced facets of the corporate world have intrigued me the most. One is the vulnerability and the other is jealousy.

Let’s introspect! When your teammate achieves something, why does that make you feel edgy?  It could be anything – his quality, reward, capability, or any other accomplishment. Equally, when he fails, why does that make you feel comforted or ventilated? Why we are habitually troubled with ‘unsettling’ or ‘ugly’ emotions on others’ achievements?  Why we feel conquered when someone has an advantage over us? Why our mind exaggerates the importance of other’s pluses?

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The Art Of Putting It Off Until Later…!

To be or not to be: that is the question


The most quoted and fabled soliloquy in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.



Often we talk about Hamlet’s famous dilemma. His unrelenting brooding and travails. His tenacious struggle to unknot the most obstinate and demanding question. In midst of an emotionally challenging promise, he always tried to disentangle his dilemma. It was not that he was disloyal to his father, but that he had never resolved to discern the scruples matter out of his muddled mind.

His tragic flaw was his procrastination.

(“Oh yeah, I am at my work station… unceasing buzzing of telephones and murmuring of fellow colleagues…people are peeping on my screen while heading towards coffee dispenser…my inbox is like on fire…last minute unscheduled meeting requests…and I have a deadline to complete my weekly report… so much to cover…even the clock on the filing cabinet wall is virtually mocking at me…just another busy day at office! Oh God, my day is bursting… so much to do… I do not know how I will finish all the work…well it is fine to put weekly report off until later…may be tomorrow or definitely sometime before next week…”)

This is procrastination.

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Unforgiving Denigration

“The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”

-Norman Vincent Peale.

Why Denigration Hurts?

We all encounter some form of criticism all the time. We must understand that it is inevitable, and we have to learn to deal with it productively rather than allowing it to be detrimental to our self-development.

We all encounter some form of criticism all the time. We must understand that it is inevitable, and we have to learn to deal with it productively rather than allowing it to be detrimental to our self-development.

Undoubtedly, yes, and (perhaps) it is unavoidable too. We all are perfectly imperfect. Aren’t we? Why to talk about others, even we are (often) quite sure about our own inadequacies.However,The challenge is in acknowledging the reality. Definitely tough, when it comes from others. By and large, we do not take criticism well. We won’t listen to criticism because we believe all criticism to be unjustified. We assume it as mean-spirited act of cynics.But why do we believe so? It could also be an opportunity to demonstrate our self-control and humility to take even denigration constructively.

Why can’t we just simply appreciate it as a healthy feedback?  

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