Mutating Inevitabilities…!

“Status quos are made to be broken.” 

―Ray Davis



Mutating Inevitabilities.

Wow! Sounds captivating.

Let me humbly take credit for this construct. If I may.

It is an objet d’art of my imagination. May be epitomizing an operating doctrine for the swivelling realities around us.

Both the words, ‘Mutating’ and ‘Inevitabilities’, have an intimidating whisper.

What happens when enforced inevitabilities start mutating even before we could decode them?

What happens when a change surprises itself before we can even comprehend it properly?

Such resplendent incendiary fusions of unprecedented mutable occurrences are impregnable, non-discriminating, and vulnerable. Today innovation is virtually tantamount to survival for any business. Further, the phenomena of mutating inevitabilities is also increasingly overwhelming us in all our personal, professional, social, and economical terrains. It looks as if everything around us is transmuting. Change, while briskly unfolding in multiple folds, is also concurrently mutating in its advanced form and scope.

A real double-whammy!

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