“Enter your inner self in order to see the life you desire.”

–Aniekee Tochukwu

Why knowing yourself is not your first priority?

We are most terrified of visiting our own self. So, many of us go through each day events, reacting and focusing on everything else, but to take a conscious inward journey by delving much deeper. Even if we do, our quest for soul searching is surprisingly a booby-trapped pursuit. I believe that a sincere deep inner journey can possibly swing the hard ground underneath, but it can also open up whole new revelation of our submerged potentials. Why not? In fact, we are born to make manifestation of the splendour of our deepest light that is within us. Our personality is reflection of our inner self. We are meant to shine in this world. It is our life force that makes us find reasons to get up in the morning for doing something meaningful! 


Self — The Inward Journey

“If you want your life to be an amazing celebration than first you must unearth who you truly are. An inimitable being that is “YOU”– exclusively extraordinary”

“Every stage in our life, we need to be open to  ‘uncluttered learning’ irrespective of how much we believe we know”

“Anger and hatred are weighty burdens on your soul, you will not realize until you let them pass”

“Forgiving someone’s wrongdoing means allowing yourself with a chance to move on with your life. Forbearance is what you do for yourself”

“Pardoning someone is a selfish act… actually you are doing a favour to self”

“Sense of balance is strategic. Fear condenses our readiness to engage with surroundings. Whereas, over emancipation kernels mayhem”

“Challenge your fears, they are just ‘deceitful anticipations’ appearing existent”

“Only a conscious awakening will make you feel blissfully alive”

“Trust me, anyone who is conscious about his true-self will never be self-centred”

“We have a tendency to announce our judgements before objectively observing the reality. In fact, we have an egomaniac tendency to skip observation as a step itself”

“We never invest time in appreciating the simple and beautiful things around us. We make things much more complicated and intertwined to finally depreciate our own worth”

“With time, every dimension of our life should turn simpler”

“The only thing which you can be confident of illuminating without any outer enablement is your own self”

“Our inflated ‘I’ is directly proportionate to our magnitude of ‘Mine’, more you shrink your ‘Mine’, more you are nearer to Egolessness”

“You have to be very daring and spirited enough to be able to introduce your true self to public”

“Your inner self is a Divine gift to you”

“Our self-image echoes to others as our personality”

“Awakening is the genuine surpassing of your inner self towards completion”

“Have some private time every day to meet your best guardian angel: Your own Self”

“We all are classically conditioned to equate and compete, jealousy is just a by-product”

 “Sincerity is self-pervasive, finally it touches your nastiest sceptic”

“The most obvious manifested form of desire is jealousy”

“Keep yourself away from acidic people, they will oxidize your soul”

“Life Irony: We yearn and work so hard to make a toddler speak and then ask him to “keep quiet” as he grows”

“We are victims of continual contempt. A perpetual mental state of reactiveness lumps our desire to own up the cause”

“An unadulterated abstract is neither dogmatic nor ornamental”

“Compromised values are the apparent signal of a fraudulent mind”

“Spirituality is your inner wisdom and can guide you along the path…a path of freedom! Freedom from our conventional predictable responses”

“Your existence and obligations are directly proportionate to your ability to take tough decisions”

“Self-respect is not a quest for approval or to do with reputation. It is discipline of mind to inhibit conceited mental adulterations”

“A concerted blending of Individuality, ego, and yearnings is an incontrovertible recipe to cook-up a megalomaniac monster”

“Most of the time we diffidently host our dream as an elusive idea in our own mind”

“When you centrifuge righteousness, valour, strength and candour– ‘Integrity’ precipitates”

“People with outsized ‘Ego’ are generally atheist. They hardly have any space for the God in that cramped room”

“Present is not time. Time only epitomizes Past and Future. Present is truth and boundless. Live in Present”

“Your past is only a satchel, full of ‘idiosyncratic remembrance’. And your future is just a “mirage of imaginings”. So, learn to live in present” 

“Don’t be harsh to others. Instead, when people aren’t as gentle to you as they should be, forgive them”

“A distorted and charged reaction like anger only brings myriad indissoluble sorrows in our life”

“Warped minds can only pass on degenerated hateful thoughts. Your hang-out choices define your character”

“People are oblivious about the fact that they are most attached to fruitive rituals. They do not want anything beyond sensory gratification”

“Ignoring obvious is a sure sign of compromised quality of courage”

“All what you hoard (knowledge, wealth, position, etc.) becomes redundant once you learn and contemplate to have a sincere dialogue with inner self”

“Hinging on someone else for the happiness is like keeping consciousness completely unfertile”

“Life is really bewildering. At times, one door opens to more doors and sometimes opens to blind dark underpass”

“Anger quarantines us. It can only harm. Action born out of bitterness can only feed abhorrence to our intellect”

“Only when mind and intellect are at equipoise, we are at the ingress of an unobtrusive mind”

“The language you use is indispensably important. Try and side-step arguments. Humility gives you a position of advantage over others”

“When we consciously indulge in discovering within, there will be spurt of negative sentiments, making us to run away without even looking back”

“One can detach from ego only by knowing it well. Humility is also like a cultured ego. It is, at times, ornamental”

“Make truthful choices in life. Ego kills. Artificiality drips, hankering of power evokes only dryness in relationships”

“When we are glued in the sewage of timidities, we are comfortable in labelling our dreams as idealistic”

“Possibly, life may not be fair to us, but still a blessing to discover choices”

“When you are trapped in ruthless obscurity, keep on taking small steps”

“Life is too prized to waste decrypting it”

“Never argue to win, the excellence is in agree to disagree”

“When you can shed tears for someone in solitude. You are at the door of awakening”

“When you are suffering, best therapy is to argue with God”

“Make peace with your hard times so it won’t wedge your rationality”

“You will never let go life that cheap, if you have to account for it”

“Comparison is dicey, every journey is unique”

“If you have to be fearful of a relationship, you don’t deserve it”

“Get rid of energy drainers and loser, always cherry-pick the best”

“No is never an answer for you. You are such a special one”

“There are no debauched situations in life. It is all in our interpretations”

“Your value based character is going to perpetrate like a gigantic flower, whenever and wherever it precedes you”

“Life is not not a bookkeeping so as to be audited ” 

“We may not be the chosen one, but we are still a divine gift”


With this… I conclude my trilogy on Reflections: Impressions!


Entire experience enthralled me. I must express a special thanks to all of you for encouraging me to downpour my thoughts on this space. Someday , I shall go down to our countryside and share my feelings with millions of our unprivileged natives through the window of some platform… and see if it helps.

This is not a goodbye, only “hasta luego” or “so long”.

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