A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.

-Lao Tzu

This blog is a tearful tribute to my younger brother whom I lost just few days back.

SHOCK is probably too light a word to express. Jovial, bright, and ever smiling. A true leader and a remarkable human being who merits not only respect but also celebration. He just didn’t seem to ever think and shy of believing himself as a true team leader. But I do and many more who came all the way from far remote locations to Mukti-Dhaam (cremation ground) to witness the last conquest of their much-loved leader. In his professional life, his work ethic and impeccably high standards translated into a successful and prominent sales career. His every action inspired his team to dream more, do more and become more. This blog is a homage to a true leader.


  • “When a leader treats people just as subordinates, he reinforces mediocrity. But when he takes them as a team, he encourages meritocracy”
  • “Remember, you know about a leader through his laughter”
  • “Respect is much more critical than ‘popularity’ when it comes to leadership”
  • “Only a true leader enjoys very trusted partnership with his team”
  • “From every vantage point (Boss, Colleague, collaborator, Employee, Friend, Administrator, Professional), a true leader will always stand apart as someone special”
  • “Followers gently and surreptitiously get drawn towards a leader who demonstrates untiring passion for the purpose of his organization”
  • “Trust has to be earned, it doesn’t come as a packaged deal with a position”
  •  “A leader has to be transparent and consistent, people do smell out the intentions”
  • “You can’t fake people engagement, it has to be in your character”
  • “Only a Dysfunctional leader sadistically relishes enduring harm to the followers for further cementing undisputed positioning”
  • “Integrity is true reflection of the leadership”
  • “A leader is passionate about enabling organization to become a better place for the employees to learn and contribute”
  • “The ‘Quality of Leadership Courage’ is to stand for a just cause at the cost of lucrative self-gains and possible reparations”
  • “In demanding circumstances, the first battle is always within the leader…the notorious battle with sincerity of intentions”.
  • “A CEO’s ornamental orotundity during an open-house is essentially insubstantial, debatable, and open to alternative interpretations”
  • “For few CEOs, C&B (Reward Function) exists only to juggle & craft a ‘logic –defeating’ facade to safeguard their gains even after a negative year”  
  •  “For a toxic boss, his holidays are a well deserved break and yours are a luxury to shirk your responsibility”
  •  “A leader’s magniloquence is a signpost of not yet fully materialized mature mind”.
  • “It is convenient for an “Armchair Expert” to point the finger as it takes away trauma off his shoulders to accomplish something worth”
  • Toxic bosses will slurp venom of concocted negative comments to targeted subordinates. Answer: Good governance, free of abuse & preferences
  • “Most “Armchair Experts” don’t admit their own accountability, they will rather denunciate successful people to defend their egos”
  • A control freak imperious leader bullies power in a cruel, forbidding, and caustic manner.
  • When leadership has only objective to precipitate self-benefits, organization sinks without any whimper.
  • “Often, a self-centred CEO, calculatedly drops sight from his obligations and gets entombed in riches… and embraces infamy at the end”.
  • “Few leaders, love to be ill-famed for their temper as a conscious strategy. They imprudently believe that indecency laced shouting brings control and discipline and also reputation of a strong leader”
  • “A clogged CEO will think about his company only when he stops thinking about the self or golf”
  • “A micro-manager ‘thinks small’ and gets caught-up in trivial details. A Leader “thinks big” and remained consumed in translating future for the company”
  • “Obsession of a CEO for centralized controls can get aggravated multifolds by his penchant for the perfection”
  • “You marvel upon the wisdom of the Board seeing multiple extensions in contract of a CEO despite an outright zero accomplishments”
  • “When a CEO becomes a rubber-stamp, he needs sycophants for keeping him wet”
  • “A delusive CEO first degenerates a company as an industry laggard and carry on to play the catch up game to get noticed”
  • “A desperate CEO will prefer to capture new opportunities by out-investing its competitors”.
  • “Only a fallacious leader will gamble with increasingly ill-conceived business plans”
  • “The larger-than-life image of any founder can give stability to an enterprise but becomes vulnerability for the successor”
  • “When your boss feels endangered by your talent, an automated “passive –aggressive” game triggers-off”
  • “Every Corporate leader plays an effective territorial game where other functional trespassers are selectively allowed”
  • “An insecure leader has an intuitive propensity towards ‘stockpiling junk resources’ as the ‘building blocks’ to orchestrate a flattering empire”
  • “When an inept leader blocks a position, possible ascending growth of entire chain in hierarchy gets clogged”
  • “Self-centred leaders consciously (but imperceptibly) orchestrate dysfunctionality in the organization to preserve self-importance.
  • “When a CEO becomes blind towards deceitful practices, falsification becomes the norm”
  • “No matter how brainy, winning, or shrewd a leader is, eventually be victim of his own shadow if he lacks character”.
  • “Deceptive leaders are the best “spinners”
  • “The best time for a professional is lunch time, by then he has smartly manoeuvred the boss and shrewdly loaded the team”
  • “Sycophants are the people who try to stir hard to make cream out of water for the bosses and finally abuse the meteorological conditions”
  •  “On the name of rarely available “CXO talent pool”, only a set of archived and ancient profiles are cyclically floating across the companies”.
  • “Subconsciously uninhibited behaviour of superior is a sign of low self-esteem. Deep inside they are unable to reconcile with your potential”
  • “When ethics are compromised, leadership silently perishes”
  • “At times top leadership team tacitly fraught together to pin down what really impacts them and continue to carry out empty activities without any result orientation”
  • A rank does not bless you with a perk to escalate your temper and emotional outbreaks”
  • “No matter how brainy, winning, or shrewd a leader is, eventually will be victim of his own shadow if he lacks character”
  • “Episodically changing a CEO by the board on theoretical contingency is like reshuffling furniture of the room to hide the fissures on the wall”
  • “Many enterprises are impressively good at managing growth and functional complexities, but quite pathetic at building a future organisation”
  • “Adverse-effects of few very self-centred short sighted senior leaders are often visible in the adulterated cultural canvas of the company”
  • “As a leader you always have a choice to either turn the plane to the realistic level or to artificially soar-up on an ego trip and crash”
  • “When under pressure, a manager is tempted to demonstrate the task rather than to guide and offer a compassionate directions to do the task”
  • “A true leader doesn’t discount his team’s ideas”
  • “A superior leader embodies competencies in emotional intelligence rather than cognitive sophistication”
  • “Today every manager has to be a leader, the superfluity of distinction between leader and manager is now available in grandma’s stories”


See you next with last of trilogy – ‘Reflections: Impressions’ attributed to SELF (an inward journey)…feedback matters!


  1. Awesome!
    Loss of near and dear ones is very very painful. More so when it is sudden and the one you lost is younger than you! Whom they leave behind can only experience it! My respectful prayer for the departed Soul, may he RIP.
    You have seen some of the most influential leaders from close quarters! Leaders have power to influence the lives of ‘his’ followers. Stronger the leader, higher is the power to influence! The reflections on Leadership, and more so, dedicating them to your younger brother, makes huge statement. They truly reflect your love and respect for your brother! I want you to know that I share the pain of family members in this difficult time.
    Take care.

    • Thanks for your words of encouragement. I appreciate it! Actually leadership is all about creating meaningful experiences within work and meaningful organisations. You have summarized it so well. But ultimately, Leadership is lonely. You need to look inside yourself for inspiration.

  2. Bhagwat my heartfelt condolences to you and your family at this moment of loss in your lives. A fable says that the passing away of young people is god’s message to make them enjoy life in heaven and spread the goodness of them among the inhabitants of heaven. They too need good souls to teach them. It is also a sign to us that we need to celebrate the departed souls life by living their values and spreading their values. As an elder brother the loss can be very painful but don’t forget hernia spreading more happiness in heaven. RIP


    • It was so thoughtful of you to think of me during my time of sadness. Your kind words of condolence are of great comfort to me as I grieve my brother’s untimely death.Thank you for your sensitivity, compassion and humanity!

  3. Please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of your dear brother.
    May God be with you in this difficult time. May the departed soul rest in peace.

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