Next Orbit : Visioning Change

We owe our success to You…!

We have always assisted you in realizing your dreams…!

We are delighted to share our company’s advancement with you

Yagnik Management Consultants Pvt.Ltd

is now

Next Orbit Consulting LLP

Leading Transformative Change

We are rebranding our company as Next Orbit to rightly align our distinctiveness with the expertise we offer to our client organization

We are here because of your unceasing support

A new chapter has begun at Next Orbit

Translate Your Future with us and Evolve…!

Personal Warm Regards
Bhagwat Yagnik
Managing Partner
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2 thoughts on “Next Orbit : Visioning Change

  1. Very appropriate! You have launched large numbers of professionals into next orbit! The name describes you and your strengths!!!!
    Best wishes, always!
    Rajesh Kikani

    • Thanks! Encouragement is a strange commodity. When we don’t need it, we rarely think about it. But when we need it, we need as much as we can get. Thanks for being there to support me in all my odds…!

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