Mutating Inevitabilities…!

“Status quos are made to be broken.” 

―Ray Davis



Mutating Inevitabilities.

Wow! Sounds captivating.

Let me humbly take credit for this construct. If I may.

It is an objet d’art of my imagination. May be epitomizing an operating doctrine for the swivelling realities around us.

Both the words, ‘Mutating’ and ‘Inevitabilities’, have an intimidating whisper.

What happens when enforced inevitabilities start mutating even before we could decode them?

What happens when a change surprises itself before we can even comprehend it properly?

Such resplendent incendiary fusions of unprecedented mutable occurrences are impregnable, non-discriminating, and vulnerable. Today innovation is virtually tantamount to survival for any business. Further, the phenomena of mutating inevitabilities is also increasingly overwhelming us in all our personal, professional, social, and economical terrains. It looks as if everything around us is transmuting. Change, while briskly unfolding in multiple folds, is also concurrently mutating in its advanced form and scope.

A real double-whammy!

I remember it well…

Sometimes around August last year, a team of scientists found a worrying observation about Ebola. The virus was mutating about twice as fast as it did in earlier occurrences. That explorative verdict incited multiple byzantine speculative twists (fortunately, later on it was clutched that the virus was not transfiguring as fast as researchers feared).

I also read somewhere that a mutated adaptation in an organism’s DNA can cause changes in all facets of its life. Besides, mutation is random and its manifestation has absolutely nothing to do with the expediency of that mutation. If I draw a parallel allegory, the metabolic speed of kaleidoscopic but straggly transformation all around us is not only deceptive but also menacing.We cannot condescendingly continue to endure with battered and obsolete response patterns any more.

Agreed! Not every emerging change is coiling and corrugating within itself to manacle our business or social landscapes, but unquestionably shuddering our status quos. Companies are either disrupting or being disrupted.  It is too wild a crack for any large predictable organization to experiment. It demands unalloyed cultural elasticity to be at ease with such an expeditiously shifting environment. Inevitabilities are mutating even before falling in our lap. Today most of the reputable companies are overtly feeling being pushed to the wall as never before. In my view, more than change it is the consequences of the change, are thumping them hard. The catchphrase, “disruptive change is the new normal” has become an incontestable shared leitmotif in our lives. The deviations are common and evident. They are not anymore thinly veiled, but a stark naked certainties in front of us.

Recent deep-seated changes are unvaryingly forming a very forceful business environment around us. Global boundaries are falling, functional lines are blurring, technology is almost all pervasive, and customer expectations are turning pretty unsurmountable. Change is also drawing an unabridged new populace of consumers in already convoluted marketplace. Options are multiplying. Market is congregating with enormous opportunities. Yes, we are in the midst of exceptional eclectic breakthrough narratives and meekly endorsing monumental shifts all around us.

Do we have a choice?  

I will be unreserved to go one step further in my expression. The ceaseless ‘Make Life Easy’ innovations have eventually pampered a consumer to be more like a monolith insatiable octopus, having predatory appetite, and concurrently adept in bracing every possible opportunity with all its expansive tentacles.

The inevitabilities are mutating.

I am not refining you on disruptive innovations. I am sure you have many live stories. I am also not harping on examples, like smartphone and many of its apps, which have emblematically disconcerted many trades like, tours & travels, music shops, standalone GPS device-makers, photo-studios, land-line telephones, conventional taxi operators, and many more. No!

Rather, I am more alarmed about new-fangled breed of Startups which are dead focused on quaking every time-honored and entrenched business model. I believe, more unruly disruption lies ahead. To clinch the market leadership space, companies are investing boundless efforts to continuously create newer business models. They are declaring their own earlier innovations obsolete. Simply cannibalizing their own products/services with improved, economical, effective, and more engaging alternatives. A crazy but concerted arrogance to compete with, to disgrace, and even to out-mode their own unique revenue earning propositions.

The perpetual hunting is to bump someone else from doing it before.

Change always existed. Individuals and organisations that repelled this reality or failed to accommodate with change have noiselessly perished. Change is not pouncing any more than what it was in the past. The only difference is (1) Speed , and (2) It is also mutating much more recurrently. It is now impossible to avoid or prevent a change; it is certain to happen. Today changing business realities are no more incremental, they are radical and   ground-breaking. The impact of change is much harsher and lasting when organizations are not prepared to receive it. Largely, all established companies are exceptionally excellent at incorporating incremental vicissitudes or in further capitalizing their efforts in augmenting their business operations.True changes hardly ever happen in the large enterprises, they are more nature They are astonishingly “ill-at-ease” in embracing sweeping innovations.

To ensuring that a business survives, it has to transform from ‘existing-mode’ to a ‘receptive-mode’ by cultivating highly fertile entrepreneurial culture to cuddle such disruptions. Unfortunately, not all corporate environments are conducive to encourage such an agile and receptive architecture .Conventional top-down, control freak, hierarchical rigidities are having stifling consequences on the existence of many enterprises. It is high time for such companies  to get liberated from the weather-beaten management practices, they are no more viable, relevant, or even rewarding.

Fortunately, There are many large companies, which have magnificently wrecked out of that foxhole-mentality and ferociously encompassing an enabling and integrated entrepreneurial culture with their fundamental strengths. Global growth equations are altering: Business is revolutionizing, time-honored management practices are being ruthlessly scrapped, conformist leaders are being side-tracked, the Need for innovation is transcending from a matter of choice to an essential imperative, customer is finally imposing his say, and young employed minds are edgy, confident and well connected.

Surely, the inevitabilities are mutating.

Where are we heading!

We may successfully debate over the survival of the best innovation, but it is difficult to explain about the final arrival of the best. Because, the best will mutate very soon.

Just an afterthought:

This is an enigma of identifying platitudes. Changes in technology, products, markets, or business-models are inadvertently disrupting people, society, and industry. It is demanding to say whether the result will be either ‘Outshining’ or ‘Eclipsing’. Nevertheless, the “real world” around us is altering very fast. It is no more what we have experienced and cherished. We are losing our collective purpose. Today, reality is everything but real. We all live in a deceptively substituted state of reality. It has enslaved our intrinsic worth.

I feel, very soon we are less possibly to behave like a real human soul.

Yet, it all depends on our perspective.

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4 thoughts on “Mutating Inevitabilities…!

  1. Dear Mr Yagnik, Another masterpiece from you! I guess the “new normal” starts getting redefined every now and then, and the original “normal” becomes abnormal when looked at from the new normal states. Thoughtful indeed. Regards, Mukund Shastry

    • Dear Mukund, Thanks for your feedback. Unremitting “change” is the goal of change masters. It sounds elementary but change is anything but elementary. The change is changing. An unstoppable fanaticism concentrating on making the case for change and adoption of new business solutions/models/ practices. The survival game is much beyond just embracing the change – you have to be the one who creates and drives the change.

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