An Enabler Can Save Your Startup Crash…!

Let us be grateful to the mirror for revealing to us our appearance only.

-Samuel Butler


Enabler! Can save a Startup crash?

Yes, I believe so!

I also believe that there are too many disproportionately puffed-up noises around Startups. Ultimately, it is an innovative, potentially fast scalable, and geographically unconfined business model. Irrespective of the kerfuffle crafted around Startups, like every other business, success of a Startup too whirls around people. People are the only eternal competitive edge (initially and even after the massive scale-up) for the Startups or any other format of business to succeed… And whenever we talk about people, we cannot ignore importance of an ‘Enabler’ (I will talk about Enabler after a while).

Look at several news items, statistics, and independent study reports flooding the net on thriving global Startup Ecosystems and on India story. Yes, picture is very attractive. In recent years, the Indian Startup Ecosystem has really established itself as one of the fastest growing ecosystem in the world. As per Nasscom Startup Ecosystem report 2015, India has flagged its way to secure the third position in the world in terms of the number of Startups (over 4200 / 40% growth)  with over $5 billion worth investment in 2015 and almost 3 to 4 Startups emerging every day.

Wow! Great news!

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