“During this season of kindness and giving, let us take time to gently appreciate and enjoy the simple and beautiful things around us.

May this magnificent time of the year touches your soul in an extraordinary way.May this incredible time of humanity brings you unending bliss that lasts throughout the year.

Wishing you harmony, delight, and all the joy this lovely time has to offer. Wishing you much happiness today and throughout the New Year.

 May the Almighty bless you and your family with all good things of life.”

With Personal Warm Regards,
Bhagwat Yagnik
Founder & CEO
Yagnik Management Consultants
Facilitating Cultural Transformation 
& Designing Predictable Organizational Architecture
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“In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy”

Paul Getty

Last Friday, I was interviewing a younger group of those ‘just starting out’ types for a role in my consulting Startup. During the course of the interview, when I asked one casually clad aspirant, “Why you want this job?”

I got a startling reply, “Not a job. I am looking for something unfamiliar and undefined…Want to discover myself.”

 At that moment, rather than dismissing his reply as naïve, I considered adjusting my thoughts.

 Let’s first come to some agreement with few unembellished testimonials.

We are in the 21st century and living in an increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing world.  It is predominantly driven by an interminably “disruptive” business warfare. Entire world is witnessing an unprecedented economic dynamics. Today innovation is virtually tantamount to survival for any business.

The market dynamics are changing so dramatically that if your products /services can’t keep up with the realities, you might not be in the business much longer…You are, in fact, absolved straight to the garbage pit.  To thrive and excel in today’s business climate, it is imperative for companies to adapt differently than they have in the past. Today’s survival mantra is to innovate and grow by capitalizing on the rapid speed of change. The intimidating challenge for most of the enterprises is to adapt to the change unpretentiously. More a company pigheadedly remain cemented to old ways, the uglier are the penalties. Today best of the companies are overtly feeling being pushed to the wall as never before. More than change it is the consequences of the change that are flattening them hard. Continue reading

The Lines and Boxes have a Purpose!

Yagnik Management Consultants

Facilitating Cultural Transformation 

& Designing Predictable Organizational Architecture


An Organization Design is a Corporate Self-Reflection.

A Web of Integration and Differentiation.

A Dynamic Energy Matrix of Fission & Fusion.

It demands engrained imbuing of Stability in Continuity & Flexibility in Rigidity.

Traditionally, enterprises are proud of investing heaps of money on growth strategies. Yet, very little genuinely gets translated into the projected results. Regrettably, the significance of culture never gets priority on the ‘table’ of the decision makers. Besides, leadership has proven to be bit elusive towards demands of change management. 

It takes long for an enterprise to realize that success is directly contingent upon its deeply embedded culture. Transforming an organization’s culture is a demanding leadership challenge. Most of the time, we  pretend to be satisfied with episodically introduced “Magic-Potion” of few widely held but uncharacteristic “fairy-tale” interventions to address extremely intertwined and reciprocally reinforcing influences of various organizational elements. Alas! That is not likely to help your organization. Eventually, such efforts fail, despite indicating flickering light of  progression for a while. 

Organizational Design and Cultural Transformation initiatives are highly interlinked. Today, organizational architecture leans towards integrating all the significant elements of agility and displays noteworthy features of an organic design with a self-empowered team structures. Eventually, an organizational design must fit your business strategy. Correspondingly, organization culture is equally a deceptive but determining factor in the success of the organization. It refers to deeply imbedded beliefs, ideologies, principles and values that the individuals of an organization share and practice. Finally, Culture shapes the character of the organization. 

Many of my clients find it increasingly difficult to drive performance in a dysfunctional structure. The ever changing disruptive market realities are recurrently unsettling  their business strategies  and they do not know where to begin or simply don’t know what to do. 

We have a very entrepreneurial approach to change management.

We are specialized in addressing all your specific challenges in effectively launching transformational initiatives. Invite us as your partner in resolving all critical concerns you are encountering while designing an architecture for a performance driven enterprise. 

We will assist you in avoiding common missteps.

Just reach out to us…!

Bhagwat Yagnik

Founder & CEO

Yagnik Management Consultants


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