Resonance of our choice…!

When You Blame Others, You Give Up Your Power To Change…!

How could anyone get anything important done if they didn’t plan to get anything important done? You couldn’t leave the important things in life to accident.

Yes! Attitude Matters.

Very recently my car met with an accident.

Fortunately, there were no major injuries. Driver escaped the wreck unscathed. However, the entire front bonnet, head-lights, left front door and panel of my vehicle were savagely smashed. Somehow, driver managed to drive the car to our apartment parking. Undeniably, I was utterly disconcerted and staggered to see the mutilation of my lovely car. When I was agitatedly staring at the car, my wife also arrived at the parking. Seeing me highly distressed, she laughed and said, “Now that we have a beautifully wrecked car, ether we can be distressed about it or be happy about it. We cannot alter the reality, so let’s choose to be cheerful.”

After a short pause I managed a smile and said. “Yeah, you are right, look we are already late for our delicious lunch.”…And we laughed together.

I have amusingly left behind that event and I still don’t have a new car..!

It is only when you truly letting go of the past that you are truly open to receive the joy. Our choice is a judgement or directive, which will have a lasting impression on our mental wellness. Such choices, actually play an essential role in modelling our life values.

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