The Art Of Putting It Off Until Later…!

To be or not to be: that is the question


The most quoted and fabled soliloquy in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.



Often we talk about Hamlet’s famous dilemma. His unrelenting brooding and travails. His tenacious struggle to unknot the most obstinate and demanding question. In midst of an emotionally challenging promise, he always tried to disentangle his dilemma. It was not that he was disloyal to his father, but that he had never resolved to discern the scruples matter out of his muddled mind.

His tragic flaw was his procrastination.

(“Oh yeah, I am at my work station… unceasing buzzing of telephones and murmuring of fellow colleagues…people are peeping on my screen while heading towards coffee dispenser…my inbox is like on fire…last minute unscheduled meeting requests…and I have a deadline to complete my weekly report… so much to cover…even the clock on the filing cabinet wall is virtually mocking at me…just another busy day at office! Oh God, my day is bursting… so much to do… I do not know how I will finish all the work…well it is fine to put weekly report off until later…may be tomorrow or definitely sometime before next week…”)

This is procrastination.

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Divine Dance of Spirituality: A Mystical Ignition to Professionalism!

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

Swami Vivekananda

Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh… at peak of Gilbert trail … splendour of a radiant sunset… Like a glowing face of God...!

Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh… at peak of Gilbert trail … splendour of a radiant sunset… Like a glowing face of God…!

You may feel sceptical that I am touching upon a theme which has a very insignificant believability in corporate corridors. Yet, I personally value it as a powerful multifaceted inclusive phenomenon. It brings people closer. An unprejudiced and unconditional experience of celebrating connectedness. It is arduous to delimit spirituality in words…but it is very much there ‘within’ as an experience. Perhaps, spirituality for some is meditation and prayers. Or personal values and excellence at work. Or may be obligation towards organization and team members. Or doing socially responsible business. We all have different interpretation for the same concept. So, let me attempt to take you through the journey of synchronised higher human awakening.

We all want to know how spirituality kindles within us…!

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