Does your room really have a view,
Or even a window to look through?
All I want is for you to look inside of you.
Don’t be afraid to walk through the door.
Believe it or not, you’ve opened it.

–  Chris Cormack

(Mind Moon Circle Quarterly, Autumn 1992, pp.21)


Can you forgive your wrongdoers?

By and large, we find it so demanding to muster up earnest compassion for those who have wronged us. In last three decades of my successful professional passage, I have also witnessed individuals who have been vindictive towards me and others…compulsively malicious in enduring disproportionate harm. My perpetrators were insatiable, venomous, and sadistic. They insentiently exuded enormous deceitful Ego. Undeniably, it used to trouble me when they did it, but retrospectively, I just find it pitiable. Probably that was uglier manifestation of their truncated self-esteem and self-absorbed fragile character. No one ever goes looking for cantankerous dynamics in the structured corporate world. Nevertheless, it happens all the time and more so as you climb up the ladder.  But one important question underlies our experiences (whether we think about it consciously or not ) : How we react to dejection? Continue reading