Are You a Re-Embodiment of Hydra…?


Whenever I think about cynical people, I invariably reflect about Hydra. In Greek mythology, there is a reference of multi-headed water serpent Hydra, awfully venomous and sanctified with the command of regeneration. It is capable of resurfacing two new heads for each that is guillotined…Even a cynic has similar propensity to continuously be selectively attentive to only negative qualities of people. When you argue with logic to hold down, he relapses fervently with stronger disparaging condemnation.


 How can someone bear the burden of so much of toxin in mind and heart?

George Carlin very perceptively illustrated a cynic by saying, “Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.” 

Often I wonder why is it unavoidable for most of us to resist from commenting on a person or an event or a thought. What entices us to craft such unsolicited and uninvited expressions? Moreover, why are our comments diagnostic, acerbic, and encumbered with negative emotions? At times, I think that everyone of us is altogether affianced in cynicism as a normal way of communication. At various platforms when I interact with people on diverse topics, it is uncommon to listen to some appreciative assertions.  As if, we are naturally nursing negatively burdened personalities all over. Why it is so difficult to defy such extremism in our day to day life? Continue reading