Quality of courage

I am very much impressed with the simplicity of Zen philosophy

It is an amalgamation of Buddhism and Lao Tzu’s way of life. It is very effortless and contemporary without tangential weighty ornamental thoughts. A simple phrase like, “Leap and the net will appear”, triggered my thoughts on the concept of Quality of Courage. Continue reading

Sincerity does matter…

It is amazing how often I have deliberated on this topic at various platforms. For me, it is not just a conjecture, but an essential building block in our professional growth. Today a professional is constantly trying to cope up with preposterously ambitious corporate world with global dreams, stifling socio-economic environment, and radically evolving technology. The entire work environment is going through a transformation. Companies are stumbling with constant struggle between (1) temptations of seeking unprecedented business opportunities across geographies and (2) to also remain sustainable in vulnerability of current economy and financial crisis. The complete scenario has an overwhelming impact on the behaviour and conduct of an individual at work. Moreover, the very sense of urgency encourages short-cuts and enticement to reward speedy results. Such unrealistic demands also lead to compromised processes and synthetic performance. Today a manager is investing most of his time in managing perceptions rather than doing a quality job. There is constant emotional struggle to prove his worth of existence in a corporation. Further, to remain visible to the power corridors of the system, a professional tends to compromise on his basics and what gets flattened most recurrently is the ‘sincerity’ towards performing his job.

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