Bhagwat has had an incredible impact in the area ofhuman behavior, organization building and cultural transformation in India.For over two decades, he has immersed himself in research, academics and the practice of Human Resources, Organization Development and Change Management. With his eloquence in Psychology and Organizational Behavior, Bhagwat possesses an intuitive sense of linking back inherent human psychology to employee behavior and organizational success Applauded for his work in the area of Programmed Change Management and facilitation of multiple projects around cultural transformation, he has persevered to design the ultimate 'predictable organizational architecture' while preserving result driven distinctiveness of the enterprise.

Having spearheaded the Global Human Resource function at several enterprises all through his career, he has garnered unique appeal and particularly been successful in augmenting growth across geographies and building cross cultural global leadership teams. Gleaning from his extensive experience with fast growing Indian Multinationals, Bhagwat has been entrepreneurial in his approach to human resources and has increasingly focused on turning Human Resource and Organization capabilities into a strategic competitive advantage for business. Bhagwat not only comes across as a gentle, soft spoken, idealist,but also as an extremely creative individual. Internally the man is rebellion to routine and conventional thoughts, but rooted deep when it comes to basic values of life.

A visionary who believes in the power of Dreams, Bhagwat is human when he asserts that he too makes mistakes but more importantly does not hold it for long. He portrays himself as a bundle of his cumulative experiences of joys, sorrows, happiness and failures. With great conviction he believes that each step in his life and each moment that goes by enriches his wisdom. Also, each passing moment is a new life experience for him and it transforms him into the person he wants to be. A little private, spiritually inclined and an occasional mystic, emotionally Bhagwat is very sensitive and a doting family man.A experimental cook who enjoys being in the kitchen on holidays, he finds leisure in spending a quiet evening with a hot cup of ginger tea and listening to soulful Ghazals of Jagjit Singh. Bhagwat is known for his adventurous spirit and his most preferred travel destinations include mountains, deserts and forts.

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